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con·sen·sus (kən-sĕn′səs) n. 1. An opinion or position reached by a group as a whole: "Among political women there is a clear consensus about the problems women candidates have traditionally faced" (Wendy Kaminer). See Usage Note at redundancy. 2. General agreement or accord: government by consensus. [Latin cōnsēnsus, from past participle

If you're going to a movie with friends, you need to reach a consensus about which movie everyone   21 Oct 2013 As for spelling, even though a “consensus” is a counting of opinions in a manner of speaking, it has nothing to do with the “census.” The 1965  High quality example sentences with “there is no consensus on” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write  3. (Marxist theory) An ideological concept used to perpetuate the status quo by masking the extent of social conflict. From: consensus in A  On the plan evolved from a consensus of opinions gathered from the most distinguished scholars of America and Europe, including brief introductions by  Consensus - loo dhanyahay Consensuses :: consensuses Meaning and definitions of consensus, translation in Somali language for consensus with similar  21 Dec 2013 You may be speaking of a consensus concerning or about or respecting or with regard to the NHS—that is, a general agreement about what  He wanted the consensus of the whole group. The consensus of opinion was that it was the driver's fault. Last year, we had a lot of controversy.

Consensus about or on

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You may be speaking of a consensus in the NHS, some general agreement about something held by the officers staff of that institution. consensus (about/on something) She is skilled at achieving consensus on sensitive issues. There is a growing consensus of opinion on this issue. an attempt to reach a consensus There now exists a broad political consensus in favour of economic reform. Consensus definition is - general agreement : unanimity.

How is Consensus achieved? The Industrial Training legislation requires CITB to take "reasonable steps" to satisfy the Secretary of State that the Levy Proposals 

Res. Lett. Consensus 2021 NFL Mock Draft: Here's where the majority of mocks see Justin Fields, Trey Lance and more going We've compiled results from 13 NFL mock drafts and broken down the results The consensus is expressed as a percentage that gives you insight into how the public is betting on a particular MLB matchup.

Consensus about or on

noun agreement, general agreement, unanimity, common consent, unity, harmony, assent, concord, concurrence The declaration reflects a growing consensus on the types of reform necessary in developing countries. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Consensus about or on

· I can't think of anything worse, really, than to  Consensus entails the process of reaching the agreement, and includes the conclusion from said process. A consensus process includes appraising conflicting  21 Jan 2017 How Can We Ensure Team Consensus? Stepladder Technique; Multi-Voting; Modified Borda Count; Consensus-Oriented Decision-Making  The aim of this study was to assess whether international expert consensus could be reached about 1) whether such breathlessness could and should constitute a   The current market consensus as per 09 February 2021 is based on the research of four brokers, namely Berenberg Bank, Degroof Petercam, ING and KBC  Below is the UK transcription for 'consensus': Modern IPA: kənsɛ́nsəs; Traditional IPA: kənˈsensəs; 3 syllables: "kuhn" + "SEN" +  When a group of people "come to a consensus" it means that they agree on something like a decision or a conclusion: A: Have you come to a consensus yet? 2 Oct 2017 Modern societies have developed entire institutions to distill and communicate expert consensus, ranging from national academies of science to  9 May 2011 There is a problem with building consensus. First of which is it may never happen . I often hear people referring to consensus as trying to get  Many translated example sentences containing "consensus about" – Swedish-English dictionary and search engine for Swedish translations. In order to reach consensus, the competent authorities should consider relevant criteria, which may include those set out in the Guidelines which were published  There were consensus on - Swedish translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, pronunciation, transcription, antonyms, examples.

Consensus about or on

See Usage Note at redundancy. 2. General agreement or accord: government by consensus. [Latin cōnsēnsus, from past participle Definition and high quality example sentences with “consensus” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English No, Consensus does not do point-to-point connections. Consensus provides a way to normalize data into one UI in a common dashboard. Users will not have to worry about different networks or communication connections to share patients records.
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You may be speaking of a consensus in the NHS, some general agreement about something held by the officers staff of that institution. agreement among a group of people: consensus on/about sth Achieving an international consensus on these issues is proving difficult. a general/broad/growing consensus There is a growing consensus about the best methods for reducing carbon emissions. reach/build/agree a consensus Our top priority must be building a consensus with legislators.

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Summary This international multidisciplinary consensus statement was developed to provide balanced guidance on the safe peri‐operative use of opioids in adults. An international panel of healthcare

Question: Is this 0.2  Mnga lnder har publicerat riktlinjer som anger att kompressionsbehandling r den gyllene standardbehandlingen fr vensa bensr111  av L Wallander · 2019 · Citerat av 4 — Consensus and Variation in Conceptions of Problematic Drinking in Taken together, the study's findings reveal both consensus and variation  The consensus is drawn from a wide range of research methodologies within epidemiology, medicine, physiology, neuroscience, psychology and sociology,  Key points: The EESC welcomes the Commission proposal for a new European Consensus on Development, which brings this overarching EU development  Consensus Asset Management, har valt att använda Sharpfin Advisory för digitalisering av sina kundkännedoms-, penningtvättsprocesser och. AHP Consensus indicator and AHP Consistency Ratio CR. AHP allows for (logical) inconsistencies in judgments; the AHP consistency ratio CR is  Rabbit polyclonal antibody raised against synthetic peptide of Protein Kinase Consensus Sequence.Hundratusentals antikroppar är tillgängliga hos VWR. En moderne komfortabel konferansestol i imitert svart skinn, tilgjengelig med valg som aluminiumgrå eller kromfarget base. Komfortabel og komfortabel stol som  This is the third glaucoma consensus held under the auspices of the AIGS. It is anticipated that the discussions and conclusions from this consensus will impact  CONSENSUS.

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Consensus is a particular state of the belief system of a society. In a condition of macro-social consensus, the most important beliefs relate to the sense of unity  

The focus on avoiding negative opinion differentiates consensus from unanimity, which requires all participants to positively support a decision. usually in singular. A general agreement. as modifier ‘a consensus view’. More example sentences.